Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oven Mitts

Oven Mitt
by: Cajun Crochet

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I used Peaches & Cream 100% Cotton 4 ply for this project.
Hook: Size H
Ch 52 turn
Row 1: Skip 1st 12 chs. (loop for strap). Continue with 1 sc in each chain. (40 sc)
Rnds 2-?: 1 slst in 1st sc on row; continue around with 1 sc in each ch. *slst in 1st sc, ch 1, turn; sc around. Repeat from * until piece is 7.09 inches or 18 cm.
Thumb Opening:
Skip 1st 14 sc, ch 10 complete around with 1 sc in each sc (36 sc). Continue around until piece measures 10.6 inches or 27 cm. Place a marker on each side with 18 sc between each marker.
Dec 1 sc before and after each marker for a total of 7 rounds. (4 dec. each rnd)
Turn glove inside out. Crochet together at the top with a row of sc through both layers.
Finish Off.
25 sc around thumb opening.
sc for two rounds.
Dec 1 sc on inside of thumb. (24 sc). Continue around until thumb measures 2.36 inches or 6 cm.
Place a marker on each side as was done for the top of mitt. 12 sc between each marker. Dec 1 sc before and after each marker. (4 dec per round) 4 times.
Turn thumb inside out and sc together through both layers.
Finish Off.
If I post a pattern as free, you are free to use it in anyway you see fit. Make them, sell them, whatever. However, you are not free to sell the pattern itself! I also require that you post a link to my site.
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Sarah said...

Thanks for the pattern! Is it thick enough to use as a oven Mitt?

cajuncrochet said...

Thanks Sarah.
I've used it to move things quickly from the oven to the top of the stove. You could make it thicker by using 2 strands instead of one.

Sandy said...

This is a great pattern...Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I have be searching the Web for a long time for a pattern of oven Mitts! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I have the time to crochet this lovely project but not the COTTON yarn (yet). On SSD and money is tight, though time is generous. Ania

rachel said...

Love this pattern :) As some people have commented on how thin it is with cotton I thought I'd mention recycled tshirt yarn. It's very good for heat! Making this for a wedding present :) Thanks!!

Kristelle said...

**NOT TOO THIN!! PERFECT!! Just wanted to say I made this with the cotton yarn and I've used it several times! I just now made some tater tots in the oven at 400°F and this oven mitt is NOT too thin. It's perfect. I even carefully tested by holding the pan as long as possible (ready to put it down if needed) and I did not feel burning heat. Just warmth. So, in conclusion. this pattern is easy, fun, and functional!! LOVE IT! <3

cajuncrochet said...

Thank you Kristelle

Kerri said...

I would love to make this for my son but I'm not sure if it will be big enough. He is 6'8" and has VERY large hands. I don't know how to alter patterns. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I think I did something like this by accident. I did the pattern with two strands of yarn and the oven mitt came out very large. Would Probably work for your son

Jason said...


Anonymous said...

is there a video for this? i am new to crocheting and i do not understand rnds 2 & up do i go on the opposite side

Unknown said...

made it today. easy pattern. with cotton yarn. took to balls. easy thank for the use of your pattern.